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        Injection Mold

        Technical strength

        Professional technical team

        Technical expert with more than 10 years experience in mold design and manufacturing(the team was responsible for projects of Samsung,Huawei,Oppo,Media and HTC.

        Advanced Equipment

        Advanced processing equipment and precision testing equipment (processing precision +0.02, testing equipment is 100%  under accurate control.)

        information management system

        Advanced ORACLE ERP and MES management system ensures real-time monitoring and seamless connection of the manufacturing process.

        Effective cost control

        Optimize mold structure and programming procedures, so as to reduce mold parts and shorten processing cycle

        The structure optimization and reuse of heat flow channel can save material cost.

        Short  the mould manufacturing cycle and reduce the purchase cost by establishing the standardization of common parts.

        Service concept

        Customer First.

        Zero defect of quality.

        Keep the delivery date strictly and keep the promise.

        Main Equipment


        We have set our lab in both Shenzhen and Jiangxi with complete eWe have set up our own laboratory in Jiangxi and Shenzhen factories with complete testing equipment. A series of strict quality test and control is done tofully ensure the quality of your products.